SCCS response to COP15 Copenhagen talks

Speaking on the outcome of the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Mike Robinson, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

"We needed commitments of money, ambitious targets and a legal framework to underpin it all. So far we have none of these. We have a vague promise of half the money that is required by 2020, inadequate targets which the UN has confirmed will add up to a minimum 3°C increase in global temperatures, and no legal framework. What’s worse, we don’t even have a timetable to sort it out. It’s hardly the leadership we had all been hoping for and we have a right to be disappointed.
Any talk of success in relation to the Copenhagen Accord is empty rhetoric. It would seem that the agreement from Copenhagen is little more than a political statement, simply noted by the countries of the UN but most importantly not supported by all.
Maybe this tortuous rate of international decision making is all we can expect, but if so we need to bring forward more meetings as a matter of urgency.
Despite this weak agreement and the chaos we have seen in Copenhagen over the last two weeks, we now have to look towards 2010 and keep on fighting for a safe future for all. Scotland has taken a lead in showing the world the ambition needed to prevent runaway climate change. We now need to translate that commitment into the action that demonstrates to all the rewards of pursuing a low carbon future."


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