SCCS comment on revised annual targets for Scotland

The Scottish Government has today provided revised proposals for annual targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland between now and 2022.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

“Stop Climate Chaos is pleased that the short life working group has now concluded its discussions on Scotland’s annual targets. We look forward to seeing a credible, ambitious and transparent plan from Government on how these targets will be met in the forthcoming Report on Policies and Proposals.”

“However we are disappointed that the additional reductions in emissions compared to previous proposals are largely due to the impact of the recession, rather than from planned interventions. The actual active effort to decrease emissions has, in fact, reduced from the original proposal that was rejected by Parliament before the summer.”

“Stop Climate Chaos Scotland would like to see more evidence of the planned actions that set out a convincing and strategic path to tackle climate change in the forthcoming report so that Scotland can legitimately claim to be heading towards a low carbon economy.”


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