SCCS calls on Scots Tory MEP to support tougher EU climate change targets

Tomorrow, Tuesday 5th July, the European Parliament will vote on whether Europe should commit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020 (the current target is 20%).

Some rebel Conservative MEPs, including Scotland's only Conservative MEP, Struan Stevenson, may vote against the proposed increase to the EU target. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland calls on Struan Stevenson to back the tougher target.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, which brings together a wide range of Scottish society, including charities, churches and trade unions, played a key role in getting the Scottish Parliament - in a unanimous vote - to set a target of 42% cuts by 2020.

Speaking ahead of the crucial European Parliament vote Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

"Two years ago Scotland showed the rest of the world that if we are serious about tackling climate change we need to act. We didn't wait for others, we showed leadership and ambition. The EU should be following Scotland's lead and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland would be very concerned if one of our own MEPs decided to vote against an EU target of 30%. That is
why, ahead of this crucial European Parliament vote, we call on Struan Stevenson to show leadership on climate change by voting in favour of the 30% target, and encouraging his Conservative colleagues to do the same."

Head of Oxfam Scotland, Judith Robertson, said:

"Tory MEPs should follow Scotland's lead, and fall in behind their own Prime Minister's policy of tougher EU emissions cut targets. Millions of poor people are already suffering from the impacts of climate change. There is no excuse for failing to support the move to a 30% reduction by 2020, compared to 1990 levels, especially when many companies agree that it is also good for business. Struan Stevenson should keep in mind the huge public support in Scotland for taking action on climate change, the devastating impact of climate change in many developing countries and back his own party leader's position for tougher targets."

Richard Dixon, Director of WWF Scotland, added:

"The Scottish Conservatives were part of the unanimous vote for Scotland's world-leading climate targets and it would be deeply disappointing if Struan Stevenson did not take this chance to support Scotland's ambition. Tough targets in Europe will not only save us from the worst predictions of climate change, they will create jobs and export industries here in Scotland. It is crucial that our politicians don't bury their heads in the sand on climate change, or be swayed by vested interests against doing the right thing."

We need as many people as possible to contact their MEP before Tuesday encouraging him or her to support the increased target. Please take the action below, hosted by coalition members Christian Aid. The EU must show leadership on the issue of climate change.

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