Durban: disappointment as climate talks end

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland today expressed disappointment at the desperate lack of ambition contained within the UN climate agreement in Durban.

Despite the growing warning from scientists, the reality is that this will be woefully insufficient to avoid global temperatures rising by more than 2 degrees, as was committed to at the talks last year in Cancun.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

"It is really disappointing to see such a desperate lack of ambition resulting from the Durban talks. What we are left with falls short of what scientists say will be needed to avoid runaway climate change.

"Climate change is a truly global issue and must be tackled by countries coming together with a global climate change agreement. In spite of the outcome in Durban countries must not be distracted from the urgent need to support people in developing countries survive the impacts of climate change, nor the responsibility to ensure their own houses are in order.

"Scotland's Climate Change Act commits us to emissions reductions which are in line with climate science and was appreciated by many nations in Durban. But, to maintain that leadership, Scotland must ensure that those promised emissions cuts are actually achieved, and that the government's commitment to establishing a climate adaptation fund to support developing countries is made a reality."


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