Route 10

National Route 9 signNational Route 10 of the National Cycle Network connects Cockermouth and North Shields via the Kielder Forest and Carlisle. It forms the majority of The Reivers Cycle Route, a 172-mile coast to coast route from Tynemouth to Whitehaven that follows National Route 10 to Cockermouth and then continues on National Route 71 and National Route 72 to Whitehaven.

The route is described here from Cockermouth to North Shields but is signed in both directions. Where no printed map is available for a particular section please use the Sustrans online mapping.

Cockermouth to Carlisle
National Route 10 follows mainly minor roads as far as Dalston, from here following the Caldew Cycleway riverside traffic-free path into central Carlisle. The route follows the same course of the C2C on the latter stages of this section, so expect to also follow National Route 7 signs heading north.

Map: RPR07 Reivers Cycle Route. Also see NNP16 Coast to Coast Pack.

Carlisle to Bellingham
Leaving Carlisle heading north, the route follows the course of National Route 7 on minor roads as far as Westlinton and continues as National Route 10 into the Kershope Forest, followed by an extensive traffic-free section deep into the Kielder Forest to the reservoir where it continues on minor roads to Bellingham.

Map: RPR07 Reivers Cycle Route. Also see NNP16 Coast to Coast Pack.

Bellingham to North Shields
Heading east the route follows minor roads to Ponteland, continuing on a succession of traffic-free trails to Sheilds Harbour where it meets National Route 72.

Map: RPR07 Reivers Cycle Route. Also see NNP16 Coast to Coast Pack.

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