Forest frolics for in the classroom!

Misty sunset on the Amazonian forest © WWF Canon / Roger LeGUEN

Do you care about the plight of rainforests? Are you prepared to show the Amazon some love? Then check out I Love Amazon Week – an exciting new initiative for 7-11 year olds.

By signing up to I Love Amazon Week teachers can bring the rainforest into the classroom, helping children to explore the awe and beauty of the Amazon but also to realise its importance and fragility. As the next generation, young people have a vital role to play in understanding and protecting this amazing treasure trove of biodiversity.

The initiative is part of Sky Rainforest Rescue - a partnership between Sky and WWF which aims to help save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest. All of us, people and wildlife, locally and globally, depend on it every day. But deforestation is putting the future of the people, animals and plants that call the Amazon their home, at risk. And it's also having a huge impact on climate change.

Registering schools (visit gain access to downloadable assembly content, lesson plans, work sheets, fun activity ideas to involve the whole school, and creative competitions. And it’s very flexible – schools can run their Amazon activities any time they choose.

So show the Amazon some love and ask your school to sign up for I Love Amazon Week!

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