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549900 10151327142257582 1802931779 a Join the uprising!Hundreds marched in London and Edinburgh on Uprising Day, joining many thousands around the world. With over 100 self-immolations in Tibet in the past few years, Tibetans and supporters from Dharamsala to New York took to the streets to push for stronger support for the Tibetan nation.

On 13th March, around 150 MPs were lobbied at Westminster and locally, calling on the UK to offer stronger support for Tibet by taking part in multi-lateral action.

On March 10th 1959, ten years after Chinese troops invaded Tibet, the Tibetan people staged a brave uprising which resulted in 89,000 being killed. Since then, China has ruled Tibet with an iron fist, but despite over 60 years of repression, the Tibetan spirit is still alive, and in the last few years the resistance has grown and diversified to take in all ages and walks of life, and has become a constant civil disobedience movement. After so much time, China has failed in it’s goal of pacifying the Tibetan nation; in fact, Tibetan’s demands for freedom are stronger than ever.

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Part of the rally at the Chinese Embassy on March 10th and SFT UK’s Dolly and representatives of other groups are joined by an unwelcome guest before presenting a letter for David Cameron.

On March 10th this year, many thousands around the world joined in to mark Uprising Day, showing that despite China’s propaganda and media restrictions, the wider world supports Tibet. In London, a colourful march started at Downing Street and continued past London’s main landmarks, finishing at the Chinese Embassy; letters were given in to both David Cameron and Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, demanding that China ends its repressive policies and seriously addresses the Tibetan people’s grievances. In a passionate rally in Edinburgh, an activist got into the Chinese Consulate and put up a Tibetan flag up inside as Chinese officials showed the protest was affecting them by throwing pictures of the self-immolators off the Consulate walls and cutting Tibetan flags. A year before Scotland votes on its own independence, supporters showed that the Scottish people support Tibet. In Dharamsala, a Tibetan man attempted to self-immolate at an Uprising Day protest and was stopped by fellow protesters, again showing the strength of feeling among Tibetans in exile. With the situation at crisis point inside Tibet and the area under lockdown for March 10th, one protest by monks has already been reported despite China’s communications blackout.

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Self-immolations in Tibet as China floods the streets with military to deter resistance

With over 100 self-immolations in Tibet in the last two years, the crisis has become an urgent one, and with constant lobbying and pressure, governments are beginning to talk about the idea of multi-lateral action to solve the crisis, coupled with China’s rejection of talks and it’s instance on continuing unsuccessful repressive policies. The ‘stability’ China wants to see in Tibet will never come about unless the grievances of the Tibetan people are addressed, and that’s the message we have to bring to China’s new leader Xi Jinping- the voices of brave Tibetans inside who risk their lives to stand up to the regime need to be heard.

Stand up for Tibet

It’s important to follow up on the lobby day by continuing to contact MPs, MPSs and MEPs throughout the year. To lobby your representative online, just go to and tap in your postcode. Write a message saying that over 100 Tibetans have now self-immolated since 2009 and ask your representative to request that the Foreign Office backs multi-lateral action to end the human rights abuses which have created the current crisis.

2. WRITE TO THE CHINESE EMBASSY Make it clear to the Embassy that British citizens expect China, soon to be the world’s leading super power, to practice modern, progressive policies in Tibet by shifting focus from military crackdowns and seriously addressing the grievances of the Tibetan people as any truly developed nation would.
Ambassador Liu Xiaoming
49-51 Portland Place London W1B 1JL
020 7299 4049

3. BECOME PART OF THE RESISTANCE: If you’re at uni or college, contact us to start an SFT UK chapter. Or join SFT UK’s rangzen circle to help fund the movement in the UK.

SFT UK is run mainly by volunteers who use our own resources. You can help us grow by joining the rangzen circle to help us campaign not just now but all year, every year until Tibet is free.

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