Last Ice Area workshop shares WWF-funded knowledge

A full house at the Last Ice Area Workshop, Iqaluit, Canada, June 2013. © WWF-Canada/ Riannon JohnAbout 50 people from Canada and Greenland were in Iqaluit in early June for a workshop organized by WWF on the Last Ice Area project. The project brought together stakeholders ranging from a hunter from Canada's northernmost community, to members of Greenland's parliament. The range of perspectives also included government regulators, policy-makers and academics.

All were gathered to discuss the state of knowledge about the area of resilient summer sea ice above Canada and Greenland. This area is projected to retain its summer sea ice, as the rest of the Arctic Ocean melts away in the next two decades. WWF shared new sea ice modeling, and collected traditional knowledge from the region, as well as potential approaches to managing the area. Participants noted and appreciated the significant achievement of assembling the knowledge and perspectives in the room, and were eager to continue working with each other, and with WWF as the project continues.

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