Greenpeace on David Cameron's fracking offensive

Responding to comments made by David Cameron in today's Telegraph, Greenpeace Energy Campaigner Leila Deen said:

"The Prime Minister's claim that UK shale gas will
reduce energy prices doesn't stack. Experts from Ofgem to Deutsche Bank
to drilling company Cuadrilla itself  agree UK shale will not bring
down bills, because unlike the US, the UK is part of a huge European gas
market. The government must come clean about where its getting its
advice from, and the role shale gas lobbyists are playing in it.

"If this is David Cameron’s attempt to reassure his party and voters,
he’ll have to up his game. We’ve seen that foisting fracking on
communities – South or North – doesn’t work, and his comments are likely
to further stir rebellion in the Home Counties, not quell it."



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