Mail's top climate journalist confesses...

The Mail on Sunday has
withdrawn claims made by journalist David Rose in last weekend’s edition of the
newspaper. Rose wrote that IPCC climate scientists had predicted warming of
0.2oC per decade, but that actual warming was 0.12oC. Thus, his original headline
read: “World’s top climate scientists confess: global warming is HALF what we
said”. Except, the IPCC never claimed 0.2oC of warming, they claimed a 0.13oC trend,
meaning they were only out by a statistically insignificant 0.01o. Rose got his
numbers wrong, he was exposed across the internet and now he’s been forced to
retract the claim. Rose regards
himself as the great climate truth-teller, sniffing out all and any
errors and omissions in the data before splashing them across the pages of the
Mail in his own hyper-ventilating style.

                                                                                                                                                       So we wondered how David
Rose would report on the revelation that he got his own climate story wrong....


David Rose Exposes David Rose's Prose Lows


  • Updated
    article reveals the Mail has retracted claim that ‘World's top climate
    scientists confess: Global warming is HALF what we said’
  • Journalist
    accepts his articles may have exaggerated
  • Journalist HUMILIATED and in retreat

 By David

The author of a newspaper article
claiming climate scientists were drastically wrong
was in fact himself drastically wrong, I can today exclusively reveal about myself.

The Mail on Sunday today
exposes the misrepresentations and miscalculations that lie at the heart of
claims by the Mail on Sunday – the leading
source of exaggeration and falsehood cited worldwide
to undermine climate science and defend the fossil fuel industry.

An investigation into my article has now forced me to update my own work. In a five-hour crisis meeting I
forced myself to make the extraordinary concession that observed
temperatures have been increasing at a rate bearing no resemblance to claims I made when
I published my last assessment three days

then, my headline said observed warming over
the 15 years from 1990-2005 had taken place at a rate of just 'HALF’ that
predicted by the IPCC in 2007, on the basis of my interpretation of the
IPPC's 2007 report which I can now reveal to be wildly inaccurate.

My new updated article acknowledges the observed change in the IPCC’s figures was
actually a tiny revision from 0.13o to 0.12o of warming per
decade, a change of just one per cent of one degree.

Asked to comment on my revelations, I
refused to speak to myself, and instead called ANOTHER crisis meeting, at which I
met with myself in my kitchen and discussed the damage my articles had done to
my credibility.

Emerging from the meeting alone, in a bold show of defiance I
announced to myself that I would change my previous article to now say: ‘World’s top climate scientists confess: Global warming is just QUARTER what we thought’.

Further downgrades are planned and by the end of this week global warming is expected to be one sixteenth of what I said, or even less.

This additional humiliation comes at a time when the Mail on Sunday is still
reeling from the discovery that my previous piece massively overstated the level of Arctic
sea ice.

I was unable to reach myself for comment.



In 2007 the IPCC claimed 0.13o of warming per decade, since 1951. In the original version of this blog post this was incorrectly stated as 'the IPCC predicted 0.13o'. h/t Richard Betts

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