Greenpeace response to IPCC 5th assessment report

Responding to the IPCC’s 5th assessment report, Greenpeace Chief
Scientist Doug Parr said:

"This report is about what kind of future we want. We either compound
climate change by continuing to dig up and burn fossil fuels, then suffer the
consequences, or we take a different path.

“Dangerous levels of warming of two degrees or more can be avoided,
but this requires countries like the UK accepting the folly of grasping for yet
more oil and gas in the Arctic, the tar sands and the Home Counties, and
instead taking strong and rapid action on renewables.”

“Unfortunately, those taking action against climate change by peacefully
protesting against oil drilling in the Arctic are currently detained in custody
in Russia, while those most responsible – the fossil fuel industry – are courted
and protected by governments around the world. It should be the other way

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