"Thank you very much for your kind words, love and care" - Marco's letter to you

All rights reserved. Credit: © Denis Sinyakov / Greenpeace

Swiss activist Marco Weber, who is currently being held in a Russian prison along with 29 others following the storming of the Arctic Sunrise by Russian agents on 19 September, has written a letter of thanks to all the people supporting the Arctic 30. In it he explains why he believes that people power is necessary to protect the Arctic and how the support of the public is keeping him going.  

Email the Russian Embassy to demand the release of the Arctic 30.

Read the full letter:

Hello Everyone! Out there :) 

Sorry my English is not very good, and my
writing even worse! But I guess you will [figure] it out.

I am now for about 12 days alone in a cell. I
don’t have books, newspapers, TV, or someone to talk to. At the daily walk I am
also isolated. The 4x5 metre “walkyard” is surrounded by concrete walls and
covered with iron bars. On top is a roof, which doesn’t allow the sunshine in.

The only sky I can see is out of my cell
window, which is placed in the northern wall of the building. This means no sun
at all.

Days are long!

The highlights are weekly visits of my lawyer
and consul. And yesterday I got the first bunch of email from the outside!

The aggressive and unfair acting of the
Russian government and Gazprom shows how important it is, that decisions about
Arctic and its future are made by global public. And not by states and
companies which are blinded by its resources and short-term profits.

At the 18 September I faced danger and the
risk ending up in jail, because I am sure that WE have the power to make a

WE, the massive amount of people worldwide
which are brave and concerned enough to fight for a future to coming
generations. Because we see the dependency of our future existing to the acting

Let’s save the Arctic and with it also the
chance of future for mankind.

Your support, and the knowledge that we have
done the right thing keeps me above water.

Thank you very much for your kind words, love
and care you give to me.

You’re incredibly important!

Marco Weber

Don’t be worried about me! (for now)

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