Live in Lancashire? Here's your latest chance to tell local councillors that you don't want fracking

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Lancashire residents say no to shale gas
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Lancashire residents say no to shale gas

Fracking company Cuadrilla is in the middle of its latest bid to drill in Lancashire. They want to frack right next door to Little Plumpton, a village on the outskirts of Blackpool.

Here's a quick guide to how you can write to Lancashire County Council to object to Cuadrilla's.

How to take part

Step 1
: Click here to open the consultation page, then find the 'Comment on this application' link near the end of the page:

Step 2
: Fill in your name, address and email, then click 'next'.

Step 3
: You can now lodge your objection to Cuadrilla's plans. Please remember to include:

  • Application number: LCC/2014/0096
  • Location of development: Can be left blank
  • Your comments: State why you're opposed to these plans -- we've put together a few talking points below if you're stuck for what to say

Step 4: Click 'submit' and you're done.

Talking points

Here are some suggestions of what you might like to put in your messages. Don't feel you have to include all of them - maybe pick two or three that resonate with you most. Thanks for Frack Free Lancashire for their help with writing the talking points.

Climate change

We need to leave these fossil fuels in the ground and invest in clean, renewable energy instead. The International Energy Agency warn that most of the gas and oil we've already found should stay in the ground if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. As with all national and local government, LCC has a moral duty to future generations to ensure that these fossil fuels are not exploited. There is simply no justification for drilling for gas in Lancashire.

Impact on local environment and wildlife

  • This site is close to Lytham Moss Biological Heritage Site, the Wyre Estuary SSSI and the Ribble Estuary SSSI RAMSAR site, an internationally important site for wildlife, including wintering wildfowl.
  • Contamination of nearby Carr Bridge Brook could result in pollution of the Ribble Estuary SSSI site.
  • Unsustainable water usage – Public drinking water must be preserved at all costs. Such vast amounts should not be utilized for gas drilling, especially given the water shortages in recent years.

Risk of accidents

  • No amount of planning and regulation can prevent human error. If a well fails, particularly with age, it could result in a toxic legacy for current and future generations.
  • There is also no assurance that Cuadrilla will accept liability for damage. Local authorities and communities will be left to bear the cost of any damage caused by the proposed development.

Lack of regulation and enforcement

Cuadrilla have demonstrated numerous breaches of their planning permissions in Lancashire and Balcombe evidencing a dangerous gap in regulatory enforcement.

Gas flaring

Air pollution and release of greenhouse gases are both unavoidable due to flaring, methane emissions, particulate matter, ozone and emissions from traffic.

Noise and light pollution

  • Noise and disruption will be an unavoidable negative impact for local residents. When they drilled in Balcombe, Cuadrilla exceeded noise levels set in planning permission, leaving residents to purchase equipment and monitor it themselves.
  • The site entrance on Preston New Road risks traffic congestion due to HGVs turning into the site.
  • Light pollution is another unavoidable impact that would significantly affect local residents.

Waste disposal

There are inadequate measures in place to treat and dispose of the vast quantities of waste water nor is there sufficient capacity for such huge volumes of hazardous waste at treatment facilities.

Additional points

There is growing evidence that shale gas extraction poses serious risks to human health and the environment, as a result, many countries and towns around the world have banned this practice. For this reason, the precautionary principle should be applied in order to protect Lancashire residents from the unavoidable impacts of shale gas development.

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