Michael & Emily Eavis pledge to keep Glastonbury site Frack-free

Worthy farm, Pilton, Somerset. Today
Michael and Emily Eavis, whose dairy farm has been hosting Britain’s biggest
and best party for over forty years, announced that the site of Glastonbury
Festival will never be fracked, and Worthy Farm is officially Not For Shale!

Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, John Sauven welcomed the news –

“We salute Michael and Emily’s determination to combine good times
with good deeds, to protect a site which means so much to so many people, and
keep it Frack-free and Not For Shale.”

Both Emily and Michael signed a declaration which read –

I (Emily/Michael Eavis), resident at Worthy Farm, Pilton, give my
word that I will not allow Fracking to take place on this site.

I oppose Fracking on the grounds that Shale gas is not the type of
energy that we should be producing in Britain. We should be investing in
renewable resources for future generations and for the health of our Planet. 

Worthy Farm is Not For Shale.

I have declared Worthy Farm a Frack free Zone.

Worthy Farm has a huge array of solar panels installed on the roof of its
farm buildings. Studies commissioned by Greenpeace show the UK can meet its
energy needs almost entirely through cutting out energy waste and replacing our
ageing fossil fuel plants with modern, clean renewables.



Greenpeace UK Press Office - 020 7865 8255

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signs - or
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