Global Day of Action - London procession and events

Sunday, 21 September 2014 - 11:15am to 6:15pm

21 September 2014 is a Global Day of Action.

The Climate Leaders Summit will be in New York from 23 September 2014. This is a key moment for world leaders to show ambition and take forward negotiations for a global agreement on climate change. It is the first time they will have met to discuss this since Copenhagen 2009, when WinACC held a demonstration in Winchester and went to the demonstration in London.  

There will be all sorts of activities in London:

  • highlighting mainstream support from the UK public for action on climate change through the Climate Coalition "For the Love of..." campaign
  • calling on David Cameron to show his leadership by outlining the UK's commitment to tackling climate change. 
  • a procession which will end with a stunt and a photo op by Parliament.  

Please join in:

  • tell the Climate Coalition that you'll go to London on 21 September by signing up to their Eventbrite page, and bring something you love to the event
  • see the Climate Coalition's film
  • show what you love on the Climate Coalition  website for a chance to have it displayed on the big screen on the day
  • get your MP's attention by sharing what you love with your MP and David Cameron 
  •  vote for what you love on the website - the stories & pictures with the most votes will get shown on the screen.

WinACC supporters will be travelling on the train to London together - probably the 11.23 but this will be confirmed once we know the timetable for London activities. Watch this space, or read WinACC News for details.

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