UN Climate Summit in New York

Tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd September, world leaders will meet in New York to discuss the crucial issue of climate change.
Over the weekend, a large demonstration of over 2,000 people gathered in Edinburgh to call for urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This coincided with demonstrations across the world, including a march of 400,000 in New York City itself.
To encourage climate ambition at the UN summit in New York, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has launched a new video highlighting Scotland’s Climate Action Story
Gail Wilson, Coordinator of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:
“This is an important moment for global action on climate change.  Hundreds of thousands of people across the world are coming together to say enough is enough. 
“People are realising that the issue of climate change isn’t going to go away.  The things that people care about are being, and will increasingly be, negatively affected by increasing global temperatures.
“We are hopeful that the UN summit will set the correct tone to achieve significant and urgent action on climate change. However, we know that taking ambitious climate action now can lead to a stronger economy, more jobs, healthier lives and cleaner air.”
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