Seven transformative climate policies launched for 2016 elections

Scotland’s political parties urged to support SCCS manifesto
Scotland’s political parties are today being urged to adopt seven transformative climate policy proposals in their 2016 election manifestos.
The largest civil society coalition in Scotland says the seven ideas outlined today will help politicians set robust, credible plans for a thriving, fairer, low carbon economy.
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is taking its new climate manifesto round the parties’ autumn conferences, calling for the policies to be included in their 2016 manifestos.
The challenging policy asks cover climate justice, energy efficiency, a Warm Homes Act, low carbon infrastructure, an ambitious action plan on Land Use Strategy, a shift from private cars to public transport and active travel, and using new Air Passenger Duty powers to cut emissions. 
Gail Wilson, SCCS Campaigns Manager, said: “Securing a low carbon Scotland for 2020 and beyond is essential. There are challenges, but we are hopeful our politicians will rise to them.
“First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said recently that moving to a low carbon future isn’t just a moral imperative, but also a massive economic opportunity. We are encouraged that she and the other four main party leaders in Scotland committed in August to manifestos that will deliver the ambitions of our world leading climate legislation. 
“Our message to them all today is that there are so many positive benefits from our seven policy asks that they are a win, win all round, delivering high quality job opportunities, improved health and wellbeing and a more pleasant environment for everyone.
“Scotland should be sending a strong message to the United Nations climate talks in Paris in December, demanding a binding global deal on climate action, and saying that our politicians are all committed to ensuring we play our fair part here.”
SCCS will be running a public campaign early in the new year so that politicians will hear the ongoing strong public call for action on climate change.
On the last weekend of November, Scots will be among hundreds of thousands of people around the world marching for action on climate change.
Scotland’s Climate March is expected to attract thousands of people onto the streets in Edinburgh on Saturday 28 November, demanding an agreement in Paris that cuts greenhouse gas emissions and helps the poorest countries adapt to the challenges they face caused by climate change.  
Notes to Editors:
  1. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is a diverse coalition, including environment and international development groups to faith organisations, trade unions, student societies, and community groups:
  2. The SCCS manifesto ‘Securing a low carbon Scotland for 2020 and beyond’ is online here
  3. The seven asks in the manifesto are summarised below.
  4. The Scottish Party Leaders Climate Change Agreement is online here
  5. UN Paris Climate Change Summit: COP21 will be an important conference as it needs to achieve a new international agreement on the climate with the aim of keeping global warming below 2 degrees.
  6. SCCS is organising Scotland's Climate March in Edinburgh on Saturday 28 November, in co-ordination with rallies around the world in the run up to the Paris talks.  #scotclimatemarch
SCCS manifesto: Summary of our key priorities
  1. Make energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes a National Infrastructure Project.
  2. Commit to and deliver a Warm Homes Act.
  3. Build the foundations for a Low Carbon Scotland through capital investment decisions.
  4. A meaningful shift from private car to public transport and active travel.
  5. Use new Air Passenger Duty powers to cut climate emissions.
  6. Reinforce Scotland’s support for Climate Justice.
  7. Commit to an ambitious Land Use Strategy Action Plan.

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