Climate Friendly BoA August 2017 newsletter

Climate Friendly BoA August 2017 newsletter

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This month we have our Annual General Meeting in the West Barn on Monday 21st August. Please see the full details below. CFBoA’s Directors and Coordinating Committee have been considering reforming our organisation as a Community Group instead of a Community Interest Company. There will an opportunity for members to discuss this proposal at the AGM, so please join us if you can. 


After the CFBoA Community Interest Company AGM at 7.30, our Action Group leads will let us know what they have been working on since the review meeting in January. There will then be the opportunity to talk with them further, and to meet and socialise. Please bring something to drink and/or a plate of food to share.

AGM Notice for CFBoA CIC members

If you are a paid up CFBoA CIC Member, please take this as notice that the AGM will be held on Monday August 21st at 7.30pm. A dedicated email with the agenda and links to documents has been sent to you. Please let us know if you have not received the email so we can send it again. If you wish to propose a motion or have a question that requires a more detailed answer please submit this in writing beforehand to

Monday 21st August 7.00 for 7.30pm.

West Barn, Pound Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LF



The government has announced that new diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned in the UK from 2040. More. You can read the Draft UK Air Quality Plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide here. Nigel Gerdes offers his opinion here.

Many believe the move away from diesel and petrol cars towards electric vehicles is likely to happen before 2040 even without this target. A Bloomberg research group predicts a mass adoption of plug-in electric vehicles between 2025 and 2030. More.



10:10 has teamed up with the Campaign for Better Transport to ask Secretary of State, Chris Grayling, to get on board with an all-electric future for trains. 10:10 states "the cleaner, greener, faster travel offered by electric trains should be accessible to people across the country, not just those in London and the South East. Electric railways are just what we need for a more interconnected future, full of opportunity, progress and adventure (without choking on air pollution and being flooded by climate change...).


But now plans have been brought to an abrupt halt. Despite promises from the government, networks across Manchester, Wales and the Midlands are likely to stay diesel for years to come. And that means more expensive, polluting diesel trains, instead of the wind and solar powered railways we need." 

You can tell the government you want electric trains, not diesel, by signing the petition here.



Last month saw the installation of Swift boxes and a sound system to play calls in the tower of Holy Trinity church. Swifts have already been observed taking a keen interest in the tower and landing on the window behind which the nest boxes are installed, so fingers crossed for next year. BBC Radio Wiltshire included the installation of the boxes on the James Thomas afternoon programme of July 20. It can be heard here.

Our next aims are to get a camera installed in these nest boxes and to update the map of Bradford on Avon showing buildings where Swifts are nesting. We have been lucky enough to have wildlife photographer Nick Upton along to record our activities. We are hoping to have some of his photos on display at the West Barn on September 3rd as part of the Arts Festival.



We would like to share the progress of the CFBoA Refill project, as some months have passed since BWCE provided our grant. These are the highlights:

  • Two sixth formers from the Sustainability Group at St Laurence Secondary School, Bradford on Avon have helped to consolidate a very successful collaboration with CFBoA. This has resulted in a continuing partnership with the school Sustainability Group into the next academic year. One of the new leaders of the group has already volunteered on a CFBoA stall where we were collecting Refill pledges.
  • A competition was organised by the sixth formers, to design a sticker to be given to those who pledge to refill their own bottle rather than buy single use water bottles. The successful winners received steel water bottles as prizes at a presentation at the school. 
  • The signing of pledges has begun and we already have over 80 signatures from two stalls in the town. Further pledge events are planned and we are hopeful of many more pledgees.
  • Talks about the Refill scheme have been given to the Town Council and BoA Business. These were very well received, with the Town Council becoming the first organisation to sign up to become a Refill Station. 
  • To date 19 businesses have now signed up as Refill Stations and are on the City to Sea Refill App – thus we have already reached and exceeded our target (15) and hope to include several more by the end of this year.



A fantastic opportunity has come up to take over the running of the Bradford-On-Avon Food Assembly.

Lee Morgan-Geer who has done a great job in setting this up and getting it up and running, is looking to take a back seat due to the rapid growth of Teeny Greeny Farm and the time constraints which go along with that as well as having a full time job alongside this. Lee wishes to focus on building his Urban Farm now and give this opportunity to a likeminded individual or group of people.

Lee is looking for someone to take the reins and push this forward. The Food Assembly currently has 504 members all looking to shop from the 15 local producers and also help reduce food waste and travel miles. All of the produce is pre-ordered during the week then on Thursday evenings the producers and the customers meet to hand over the orders.

All money is handled through the very easy to navigate website so it's just a case of advertising, marketing and ensuring the collection runs smoothly with the producers - payments are automatic when you close the collection online.

Should you wish to take on this massively rewarding role you will also receive 8.3% of all sales that go through the assembly. This role will approx need 4-8 hours a week of your time and as much energy as you can put into it! 

BBC Countryfile are due to come and film the assembly in September (full dates to be confirmed) so you could be on TV!

Lee will provide full training (although it's very easy!) and ensure a smooth handover period to get you off to the best start. If you are interested, please contact Lee Morgan-Geer via email at or via phone on 07867430453



Professor Andy Chadwick of Nottingham University gave a presentation on CCS to the Bath Geological Society on 6th July. You can read Roger Jones' report here.



Jill Johns finished her second 3-year term as a CFB CIC director in July. She remains involved in the Bio-diversity group and one of its habitat mapping groups and also in the Community Involvement group, and looks forward to continuing working with these groups.



The speaker at our September meeting will be Kate Collyns who will talk about Grown Green - Setting up a Sustainable Market Garden. Kate is a local grower of sustainably-grown salads, vegetables, herbs & flowers. She was awarded Best Local Grower at Bath Good Food Awards 2014 & 2015 and has published a book: Gardening For Profit. Many of us try to buy local and some try growing our own with very varied degrees of success. It will be great to hear from Kate how it is done!

Monday 18th September 7.00 for 7.30pm.

Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU 



Our speaker, Dr Catherine Cherry, is a research associate at Cardiff University. She writes: "My work at the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP) explores the public perceptions and acceptability of a range of options designed to reduce our personal and societal consumption of materials and products. These include increasing product longevity, adopting new business models, changing patterns of ownership, increased sharing of products, reducing waste, and lifestyle change. I will first give a short overview of link between climate change and consumption, as well as the circular economy specifically, before describing our research and findings. We explored six scenarios for a Low Material Future with members of the public - I will describe some of the key findings for each of these and would be really interested to discuss whether these findings resonate with the audience and their daily lives."

A fascinating and important subject which we have not covered previously.

Monday 16th October 7.00 for 7.30pm.

Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU 



Why not take a look at Climate Adam's short videos investigating three of the big climate offenders, and see what changes you can make: Planet Hacks. 

10:10 identifies 6 topics where you can make a real difference: Carbon Crush.



A recent study suggests the United States would immediately realise approximately 50 to 75 percent of its greenhouse gas reduction targets for the year 2020 if Americans would eat beans instead of beef. More. Eating less meat can reduce your carbon impact with one study suggesting that vegetarians had roughly half the food-related carbon footprint of meat eaters and vegans even less. More. An all or nothing change may not be for everyone so why not consider being a 'flexitarian' or 'vague-an' as part of your Carbon Crush



Locally: Transition Bath Energy Education programme and website trialled at Freshford Primary School. More 

Nationally: IKEA Launches Solar Panels and Home Battery Packs in UK. More

Nationally: UK Government bans microbeads. More

Nationally: Scotland sets renewable energy record. More

Globally 1: Goals of Paris Agreement May Be Met Sooner Than Expected. More

Globally 2: South Korea to build world’s largest rotating floating solar plant. More



Monday 21st August: Annual General Meeting in West Barn 
Monday 18th September: Grown Green - Setting up a Sustainable Market Garden A talk by Kate Collyns 

Monday 16th October: Sustainable Consumption and the circular economy - what do the public think? A talk by Catherine Cherry from the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP) 

Monday 20th November: How I See Me: The Power of Identities for Changing Pro-Environmental Behaviour A talk by Alina Udell, University of Bath



Saturday 14th October: North Wiltshire Sustainability Day, Malmesbury Town Hall. More 


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