Businesses, investors, civil society launch call for strong EU 2050 climate strategies

Organisations are calling on the EU for effective 2050 climate strategies © WWFBrussels, Belgium - 24 October 2017

Over 30 groups including business, civil society, investors and trade unions have today launched a joint statement in support of strong 2050 climate strategies. They call on the EU to make long-term climate strategies compulsory in the Energy Union governance regulation, and to provide guidance to help Member States make their strategies as effective as possible.

"We believe that long-term climate strategies are an essential part of the EU's leadership and response to the climate change challenge. These strategies should provide long-term policy certainty for investors and guide a cost-effective and just transition to prosperous, carbon neutral economies", the statement says.

"To have a fighting chance of upholding the Paris Agreement, and its commitment to work to keep global temperature rise to 1.5°C, the EU needs to be carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest. Ambitious and effective national strategies are critical for achieving this goal." said Imke Lübbeke, Head of Climate and Energy at WWF European Policy Office.

"The upcoming votes in the EU Parliament are key to beefing up the 2050 planning elements of the Energy Union governance proposal with guidance for Member States. This way we can ensure all EU countries deliver the strong climate strategies that businesses, investors, trade unions and civil society want," Lübbeke added.

Specifically, the joint statement calls for strategies to:

  • Be consistent with the Paris Agreement, aiming for EU carbon neutrality by 2050, with legally binding 2050 targets
  • Be reviewed regularly and revised upwards in line with science
  • Cover all sources of and sinks for greenhouse gas emissions
  • Be open and transparent, detailing timing, funding and responsibilities
  • Be a basis for shorter term plans

The joint statement is open for additional organisations to sign up. See and contact Leia Achampong:

More information:

The Paris Agreement requires all signatories to come up with mid-century decarbonisation plans. In the EU, this will be transposed into the Energy Union governance regulation. However, the proposed regulation is too weak. The joint statement calls on the EU to ensure strong climate strategies are made legally binding in the new Energy Union governance regulation, and that the regulation contains guidance for Member States on how to make a good 2050 strategy.

The European parliament will vote on the governance regulation proposal in committee on 7 December.

The signatory groups have been brought together via WWF's EU LIFE and MAVA-funded MaxiMiseR project.

See the joint statement here

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