WWF celebrates 'first step toward decarbonization' as Italy aims to phase out coal by 2025

Coal fired power plant © © Andrew Kerr / WWFCoal phase out in Italy: Statement by Mariagrazia Midulla, Head of Climate and Energy, WWF-Italy

"WWF welcomes the Italian government's ambition to phase out coal by 2025 in the new National Energy Strategy (SEN) announced today. This marks a very important step forward towards a wider decarbonization process but like all 'political' goals, it must be followed by immediate action and policies. While today we celebrate a victory for our long-running campaign and for all  citizens, NGOs, and local groups who have been fighting against coal in the name of climate, environment and health, our efforts to push for implementation start as early as tomorrow.

"We would like to especially recognize the SEN's ambition to meet 55 per cent of electricity from renewable sources by 2030, which is indispensable for a trajectory to a fossil fuel-free future. This is the kind of ambition we need and we therefore question the SEN's focus on gas and related infrastructures which threaten the aim of complete decarbonization by 2050 and the objectives set by the Paris Agreement. Italy needs to focus on renewable energy sources, efficiency and energy savings, storage systems and smart grids, a massive reorganization in the transport system, and so on to help create a sustainable future for its citizens - and the planet."

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