Northern Connections

Last year groups were busy coming together across the Northern Regions lobbying their MPs throughout the year on issues including the Rio Summit, green jobs and delivering on the Climate Change Act.  We built on this by holding a regional lobby training day in Manchester, with contributions from John Leech MP, Friends of the Earth and Oxfam. 

This year we're planning a training day in Yorkshire and the Humber and possibly a few creative events in some of our priority areas.
And right now we're helping support groups holding Energy We Can All Afford public meetings with their MPs.
See if an event is planned near you
A few of the areas where we're looking to make new contacts include:
  • Tatton
  • Richmond (in Yorkshire)
  • Morley and Outwood
  • Hemsworth
If you'd like to know more, to get involved or be introduced to other groups working on climate change in your area contact our Network Developer, Guy.

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