7 August 2012

Fracking: Unconventional, unnecessary and unwanted

A Friends of the Earth briefing on "Why fracking for shale gas is a gamble the UK does not need to take"
The Government gave the green light to fracking for shale gas in the UK in late 2012. Fracking for shale gas helps keep us hooked on fossil fuels instead of moving towards an energy system based on energy saving and renewable sources; brings serious risks to the local environment and people’s health, and is unlikely to cut energy bills. Proposals for fracking are meeting strong opposition in the UK, as they have throughout the world. Shale gas is unconventional, unnecessary and unwanted.
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22 January 2011

Common Concerns about Wind Power (2011)

Evidence-based analysis that draws on peer-reviewed academic research and publicly funded stories to address issues such as bird-strike, shadow flicker, noise, impace on property prices and 'wind turbine syndrome'. - Published May 2011 by the Centre for Sustainable Energy

Resource tags: Climate facts, Briefings


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