Scottish Climate Change Bill briefings

The Climate Change (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament in December 2008.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) has produced briefing papers relating to the key priorities we have identified to ensure that Scotland has a strong, world-leading piece of legislation to tackle climate change.

Scotland could have the strongest climate legislation in the world. If we can take a strong statutory model to the UN talks in Copenhagen in December, we could lead the way in the international response to climate change.

Member organisations of SCCS have worked together to identify priorities and produce these briefing papers and the information contained within them has been agreed across the coalition. Individual member organisations may also be able to offer more detailed information on these issues and may also have identified other issues relevant to their area of work that are not one of SCCS’s top ten priorities as a coalition.

These briefing papers are available to MSPs and anyone who is interested in these issues on this website. We hope that they will help to inform parliamentary debate, as well as explain to a wider audience what the coalition is calling on the Scottish Parliament to include in the Bill and why we have identified these priorities.

SCCS top ten priorities for the Bill:

Briefing 1: Target of ‘at least 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050’ critical
Briefing 2: Statutory annual targets of at least 3% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions year on year
Briefing 3: Including emissions from international aviation and shipping in the statutory targets
Briefing 4: Scottish Climate Change Commission
Briefing 5: International trading schemes and carbon credits
Briefing 6: Duties on public bodies
Briefing 7: Reporting and accountability on progress
Briefing 8: Enforcement and incentives
Priority 9: Consumption (no briefing paper)
Briefing 10a: Sustainability
Briefing 10b: Adapting to the impacts of climate change

Reference paper: The relevance of 2°C

We have also produced a supplementary briefing on the scientific imperative of early action and options for emissions reductions. This also includes comment and analysis on supplementary evidence submitted by the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change.


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