100 international voices call for Scotland to lead on climate change

People from around the world are urging Scotland to remain a global climate leader as the Government finalises their new Climate Change Bill. 100 individuals, including many directly impacted by climate change and those working to help tackle climate change, have taken photos with signs urging Scotland to “Give it 100%” in our efforts to cut emissions. Contributions include impassioned pleas from farmers in Africa, vulnerable communities in Asia, indigenous Arctic groups and Pacific Islanders.

New Scottish Climate Bill Must Fix Climate Plan Which Fails to Deliver

Cabinet Secretary Roseanna Cunningham today laid out the new Climate Change Plan before the Scottish Parliament and faced questions from all political parties on its contents. The Plan details the Government's policies and proposals to enable Scotland to meet its climate emissions reduction targets in the period 2018-2032. 

The Plan was unveiled last Wednesday but the Cabinet Secretary’s scheduled statement to Parliament last Thursday was delayed by the extreme weather across Scotland.


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