Climate results welcome but more action needed

Commenting on the 2014 climate figures announced today and the news that Scotland has hit its 2020 target of reducing climate change emissions by 42%, compared to 1990 levels, six years early [1], Jim Densham said on behalf of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:
"It's great news that Scotland has hit our internationally symbolic 42 per cent emissions reduction target six years early. This shows it's possible to cut emissions while building a progressive and productive society. 

‘Climate, state of emergency’ photo exhibition launch

Including talk and film screening
Join us for a special evening about climate change.
We will try to understand more about one of the biggest challenge facing the world today and which affects everyone of us and also how each of us can contribute to saving our planet, through daily actions which can be small.
6.30-7pm: Opening and presentation of the exhibition "Climate, state of emergency"
7-7.30pm: Documentary Screening of ‘Climate Voices, 7 billion others’

Scottish Youth Summer Camp for Climate Justice and a Fossil Free Europe

From 18th-24th July, Friends of the Earth Scotland, together with Glasgow University Climate Action and Young Friends of the Earth Europe will be organising a climate and social activism youth camp. It will bring together 60 people from different corners of Europe, as well as 20 young people from Scotland, for a week of learning, sharing skills and networking.

World leaders sign up to climate deal

Over 150 nations are today expected to formally sign the Paris climate deal that was agreed in December 2015. World leaders and state representatives will attend the official ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in New York that will take place on Earth Day.
Today’s ceremony is an historic moment with a record number of national governments signing an international agreement on climate change. It will then need to be ratified into law in national parliaments around the world.

Scotland must maintain high ambition to meet climate targets

Responding to the publication today of a new report by the UK Committee on Climate Change (UK CCC) [1] Jim Densham from Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) said:
“We welcome the UK Climate Change Committee’s clear advice that Scotland must reduce its carbon emissions by 61 per cent by 2030.  However, the Committee’s report spells out that if we are to hit these new targets we will need to see strong action and new policies from the Scottish Government.

Scottish Government must reduce carbon emissions from air travel

Responding to the launch today of a consultation on plans to halve air passenger duty (APD) on flights from Scottish airports [1], Mike Robinson, a Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) board member who sits on the Scottish Government APD stakeholder forum, said: 
"This is about fairness. This is one of the highest polluting yet least taxed global industries.  This cut will further incentivise people to use the least sustainable transport option.

Divestment - does it work?

Universities, religious institutions, pension funds and many other organisations invest large amounts of money in stocks as a way of generating income. There have been calls for these organisations to remove the capital they have invested in fossil fuel companies to make a stand against the carbon emissions that they are responsible for.
Is divestment a powerful tool to direct the funding of oil companies towards more sustainable means or is it a meaningless gesture?


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