Global Challenges, Local Solutions Conference

UN House Scotland presents an opportunity to explore the impact of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference which ushered in the first ever universal climate agreement.
In the wake of this significant event, what dyanmics are most pertinent and is the world’s future brighter? Join us on Earth Day 2016 (March 19th) to discuss these issues and more from a national and international perspective.
The afternoon will consist of a two panels discussing International issues and the Scottish response. 
Panelists are:

Hand-Built Wind Turbine Course

With V3 Power Co-op
21st and 22nd May 2016
On the course we collectively build a 1.8m diameter Hugh Piggott wind turbine. All the participants spend time working on each of the three main parts of the build (wood, metal, and electronics) rotating through the different bases on the first day. On the second day we then come together as a group to assemble the machine.

Can we address Fuel Poverty and respond to Climate Change?

A Church of Scotland Perspective
Are the UK and Scottish Governments’ actions to address fuel poverty and implement climate change targets compatible? The Church of Scotland will be reporting on this issue at the General Assembly in May.
Join experts in fuel poverty and the energy industry to explore the various issues around community energy, fuel poverty and the practicalities of implementing the science of energy efficiency.

Home Energy Fair

Various stands will be present to provide information on a wide range of topics that benefit householders, communities and businesses. Stands and demonstration systems will include: energy saving; solar
wind; small scale hydro; heatpumps; wood fuel; sustainable transport; waste; water & more. 
Bring your domestic energy questions along to one of the Ask an Advisor sessions.  This is a good opportunity to get one-to-one, impartial advice from an experienced energy advisor. 


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