Spokes autumn public meeting

Cycling Development in the Lothians
The Spokes Autumn public meeting will feature senior councillors from East, Mid and West Lothian, plus Edinburgh City.
Spokes is often asked to give more coverage to cycling developments in the Lothians  - and links between Edinburgh and the Lothians.   Our autumn public meeting will therefore be on this topic.
East Lothian – Cllr Michael Veitch [Con] Depute Council Leader

UN Climate Summit in New York

Tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd September, world leaders will meet in New York to discuss the crucial issue of climate change.
Over the weekend, a large demonstration of over 2,000 people gathered in Edinburgh to call for urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This coincided with demonstrations across the world, including a march of 400,000 in New York City itself.

Scotland's Climate Action Story

If the video is not displaying correctly below, please view it on YouTube.


The original film is also available with French or Spanish subtitles:

L'aventure climatique de l'Écosse, version française (sous-titres)

La Acción por el Clima en Escocia, versión española (subtítulos)


For more detail about Scotland's climate action, please read our accompanying briefing note (PDF format):

Scotland’s Climate Action Story briefing 

Scotland’s Climate Action Story briefing (French)

Scotland’s Climate Action Story briefing (Spanish)


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Community Energy Fortnight

13th - 28th September

Community Energy Fortnight is an opportunity to explore and celebrate how communities across the UK are generating, owning and saving energy.

Doors will be opened to projects up and down the country – from seeing inside a wind turbine to building your own solar panel – giving you a chance to see local renewables projects up-close and meet the people who are directly benefitting from them.

Public debate: Wellbeing, Equality and Environment

How can we make our economy deliver wellbeing and sustainability?
There’s a widespread view that it’s time to steer our economy in a new direction, with:
  • Growing inequality, high unemployment, growing in-work poverty.
  • Economic development drives climate change and resource depletion.
  • The threats of future crises in the financial system remain.


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