Travelling Tales

A lively new blogging website – Travelling Tales - will feature regular blogs from a small group of people across Scotland taking on the challenge to switch to a more low carbon form of transport for six weeks.  They will share their experiences of this change, highlighting the good and bad aspects of using low carbon transport.

Much more effort is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector, which accounts for a quarter of total emissions in Scotland.  This will be essential to ensure our country plays its fair part in tackling climate change.
Transport choices affect all of us.  We all need to move about, whether that’s popping down to the shops, commuting to work, taking children to school or going on holiday.  Everyone uses transport in one form or another.  The travel choices we make have an impact on the environment, including our individual and collective carbon footprints.
The Travelling Tales website will share some real life stories about transport choices.  Our bloggers will tell you what happens as they make these changes, the obstacles and benefits, how they felt at the time and afterwards.
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Twitter: @TravelTalesScot 

Scottish Government's climate plan doesn't add up

Very little of substance has changed in today’s final version of Scotland’s new climate action plan, the RPP2, from the draft deemed ‘not credible’ earlier this year. 

The RPP2 is an important document which sets out how Scotland will meet its climate targets under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act of 2009, but the final plan discounts some of the major recommended improvements from Parliament and other stakeholders that were suggested during the Parliamentary scrutiny process.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

Scottish voters call for more action on climate change


As part of this week's #improverpp2 campaign on Twitter, Stop Climate Chaos has put together this short video featuring clips of people from across Scotland expressing their concerns about climate change. They call on the Scottish Government to improve its climate change action plan which will be published at the end of this month.

Encouraging plans on low carbon behaviour change need to be matched by Government policies

The Scottish Government needs to integrate its plans on how to achieve low carbon behaviour change with the climate change policies and proposals currently being scrutinised by Parliament, according to Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS).

Responding to the publication of the Government Low Carbon Behaviours Framework today, Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:


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