SCCS response to Scottish Budget Bill

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is very disappointed to see that the Scottish Budget, published today, does not make any further funding allocation towards cycling and walking.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

“The budget for cycling and walking next year remains a tiny 1.5% of the overall transport budget. We understand funding for that ‘active travel’ is then set to decrease the following year.

Government of 'Coal-land' must prioritise climate change

Campaigners gathered today (18th November) outside the Polish Consulate in Edinburgh, to highlight concern about the Polish Government’s commitment to coal at the expense of the climate.

The event took place as UN delegates meet in Warsaw for the global climate negotiations.  It also coincides with an international coal conference, hosted by the Polish Government, which campaigners see as an inappropriate clash. 

UN international climate talks

Taking the Scottish climate example to other countries
SCCS has done a great deal of work to encourage other developed countries to commit to ambitious climate change legislation as Scotland has done with its world-leading Scottish Climate Change Act.
Our new short film, Scotland's Climate Action Story, aims to inform decision makers in other countries to try to inspire similarly ambitious climate commitments elsewhere.  View the film via the link below and link to our web page about the short film to access the film in other languages and related briefings.

In previous years, we have done other work to show how Scottish civil society came together to push for our ambitious climate legislation.  Find out more about this in this short video about the example set by the Scottish Climate Change Act and how Stop Climate Chaos Scotland worked together to influence it: SCCS Climate Act film.

Find out more about our international work at previous UN conferences via the links below:

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We Want to See Double

Campaign update: Friday 17th January 2014

The Scottish Government have today published their draft Budget Bill.  It appears that no further allocation of funding for cycling and walking has been provided in next year's budget.  We are very disappointed that Scottish Finance Minister, John Swinney MSP, has not responded to the support from hundreds of people across the country to the We Want to See Double campaign.  Read our response to the budget publication.

Transport accounts for a quarter of Scotland’s climate change emissions. Yet just 1% of total public spending on transport in Scotland is spent on cycling and walking: the lowest carbon forms of transport.

In the next two weeks, Mr Swinney will publish the Scottish Government’s Budget Bill, which sets out their spending plans for the next year.  

We are asking Mr Swinney to double the current level of funding for cycling and walking in the next financial year, compared to the current year, and for that funding to increase year-on-year thereafter until 10% of the total transport budget is allocated to this ‘active travel’.

There are many potential benefits to people across Scotland as a result of this investment: better health and fitness, improved air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We want Mr Swinney to see the level of support for this, just before he publishes those spending plans - can you help us amplify the message?  Click on the relevant link above to get involved.


Travelling Tales

A lively new blogging website – Travelling Tales - will feature regular blogs from a small group of people across Scotland taking on the challenge to switch to a more low carbon form of transport for six weeks.  They will share their experiences of this change, highlighting the good and bad aspects of using low carbon transport.

Much more effort is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector, which accounts for a quarter of total emissions in Scotland.  This will be essential to ensure our country plays its fair part in tackling climate change.
Transport choices affect all of us.  We all need to move about, whether that’s popping down to the shops, commuting to work, taking children to school or going on holiday.  Everyone uses transport in one form or another.  The travel choices we make have an impact on the environment, including our individual and collective carbon footprints.
The Travelling Tales website will share some real life stories about transport choices.  Our bloggers will tell you what happens as they make these changes, the obstacles and benefits, how they felt at the time and afterwards.
Follow the Travelling Tales and get involved via the links below:
Twitter: @TravelTalesScot 

Scottish Government's climate plan doesn't add up

Very little of substance has changed in today’s final version of Scotland’s new climate action plan, the RPP2, from the draft deemed ‘not credible’ earlier this year. 

The RPP2 is an important document which sets out how Scotland will meet its climate targets under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act of 2009, but the final plan discounts some of the major recommended improvements from Parliament and other stakeholders that were suggested during the Parliamentary scrutiny process.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

Scottish voters call for more action on climate change


As part of this week's #improverpp2 campaign on Twitter, Stop Climate Chaos has put together this short video featuring clips of people from across Scotland expressing their concerns about climate change. They call on the Scottish Government to improve its climate change action plan which will be published at the end of this month.


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