Procurement law can help reduce emissions

Civil society priorities for the Procurement Reform Bill

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has joined forces with STUC, Enough Food for Everyone IF, SCVO and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum to identify our combined top 10 priorities for the Procurement Reform Bill.  


“Scotland has set world leading targets in our Climate Change legislation and we have the opportunity to show similar leadership in sustainable procurement.”
Scottish Government's Sustainable Procurement Action Plan, 2009The Scottish Government is currently preparing plans for a new law on how over £9bn of public funds in Scotland are spent: the Procurement Reform Bill. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is concerned that the initial intention behind this Bill, to achieve more sustainable procurement, has been lost. Indeed, this change of focus is reflected in the renaming of the proposed Bill from Sustainable Procurement Bill to Procurement Reform Bill.
In summer 2012, the latest figures confirmed that Scottish emissions had increased and, indeed, the first legally-binding target set under the Scottish Climate Change Act had been missed. The proposed Bill could provide an opportunity to deliver significant emissions reductions in Scotland, contributing towards emissions targets.
There is positive work being done on sustainable procurement in Scotland, within and outside the public sector, but this lacks strategic drive, or a rigorous, cohesive and ambitious approach from government.
The Bill must be used as a framework to help facilitate a shift to Scotland’s public sector carrying out its business in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. This would then be a Procurement Reform Bill worthy of its name in terms of progress towards sustainability of Scotland’s government and public sector performance.
Key points
  • This is a key opportunity for Scotland to deliver on climate change targets and signal a clear shift towards a low carbon economy.
  • This Bill must clearly set a strategic intention and purpose of government to procure all its products, materials and services sustainably.
  • The Bill must provide a legal framework to facilitate and achieve the transition towards sustainable procurement, with clarity on how environmental benefits will be safeguarded.
  • The Bill must give proper importance to environmental benefits alongside social and economic benefits.
  • Sustainable procurement requires an integrated approach from the start of the procurement process.
SCCS responded to the Scottish Government's Procurement Reform Bill Consultation.  Read the full  Stop Climate Chaos Scotland consultation response.


Scots respond to broken climate promise by urging Government 'Get your Act together'

Scots from across the length and breadth of the country gathered today at the Scottish Parliament (Thursday 25th October) to demonstrate their concern at the Scottish Government’s failure to meet the very first emissions target set under the Climate Change Act (Scotland).

The message to Alex Salmond and his Government was clear: Scotland’s claim to have ‘world-leading’ legislation is undermined by the first legally-binding target being missed, and there is insufficient action to get back on track.

Government falls short of getting climate change promise back on track

The Scottish Government has failed to sufficiently use today’s draft Budget as an opportunity to turn things around and get Scotland back on track to meet future climate change targets, one of Scotland’s largest civil society coalitions has highlighted.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) has said that despite the Government’s own admission that Scotland has already failed to reach its first greenhouse gas emission reduction target, today’s announcement shows it has not taken sufficiently seriously the need for strong action, despite some encouraging moves in the right direction.

Climate is right for Scotland to make amends

Opinion piece in the Scotsman

Tackling climate change is fundamentally a matter of justice. The historical responsibility for causing climate change lies with western countries, including Scotland.

As we industrialised, we improved our standards of living, our health and our wealth. But our high-carbon lifestyles have created increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which are causing global temperatures to rise.

Scottish Government has heard our campaign asks: more funding announced for cycling and walking

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland welcomes today’s announcement from John Swinney that an additional £13m over three years, compared to the Budget Bill published last month, will be allocated to sustainable and active travel. However, we note that this is still a cut on the funding available for this work in the current year.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

Calls for appropriate levels of funding to reduce emissions are ignored

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) has expressed major disappointment in the Scottish Government’s Budget Bill which has now been published.

The proposed Budget continues to ignore the need to fully fund the measures set out in the Government’s own plans to reduce Scotland’s emissions in line with the Scottish Climate Change Act. In particular, funding to improve and expand cycling and walking infrastructure is still set to be cut by a third while, at the same time, the roads budget will increase by 16%.

Cyclists tell Scottish Government to 'Get on Yer Bike!'

Scottish cyclists today gathered outside St Andrews House in Edinburgh to call on the Scottish Government to invest in cycling and walking and low carbon transport, and fully fund their own plans to meet Scotland's climate change targets.

The action was supported by cycling ace Chris Boardman MBE, Britain's most successful cyclist to date, although he wasn't able to be in Scotland for the event.

Chris Boardman said:

Durban: disappointment as climate talks end

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland today expressed disappointment at the desperate lack of ambition contained within the UN climate agreement in Durban.

Despite the growing warning from scientists, the reality is that this will be woefully insufficient to avoid global temperatures rising by more than 2 degrees, as was committed to at the talks last year in Cancun.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:


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