Scots 'Show the Love' for the Life that Climate Change Threatens

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is asking people to stand up for the special places they want to protect from global warming, as part of the ‘Show the Love’ campaign which kicks off today (7 February).


In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day (7 – 14 February) members of the public will be making, wearing and sharing green hearts to show climate change is an issue they care about.

Contact your MSP about Scotland's climate change plan

Scotland's draft Climate Change Plan was published in January - setting out how we're going to meet our climate change targets in the coming years.  The plan has ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 66% (from 1990 levels) by 2032, however it's currently short on the detail and actions to get us there. We can all have our say on the plan, and help to shape it for the better. 

With the threat from climate change increasing and already affecting the lives of people  around the world, it’s time to shift up a gear. We have the chance to strengthen this plan, if we all step up and let our MSPs know that we want them to act on climate change.
It's important that MSPs know climate change is an issue people in Scotland care about.
Will you write to, or visit, your MSP and ask them to support a stronger climate plan?
There is a small group of MSPs who have a special role in finalising Scotland's Climate Change Plan - these are the MSPs that sit on the four Parliament committees chosen to review certain aspects of the draft plan and make recommedations for improving it. Almost everyone in Scotland is represented by at least one MSP in this group, you can find yours here

What happens now?     This is a draft plan. MSPs have until the beginning of March in which to analyse the plan, take on views from the public and experts, and write a report on their recommendations for the final plan. All MSPs in Parliament will have a debate on the plan in mid March.

What can you do?   The best thing you can do is meet your MSP and tell them you'd like them to support more concrete action in the plan. If you can't meet them, the next best thing is to write them a letter or email.

Read Stop Climate Chaos Scotland detailed evidence submitted to the following committees: 
Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform committee
Economy committee
Local Government and Communities committee
Rural Economy and Connectivity committee

You can read the full plan on the Scottish Government website here.

Scotland's Climate Change Plan - sets out a welcome vision of low-carbon society, but more work needed to achieve it

In response to the draft Climate Change Plan released today Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said;

This new plan paints an attractive vision of the kind of low-carbon society we will be living in in 15 years’ time – a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous Scotland.  However, we have serious concerns about the plan’s lack of new actions to deliver this vision.

A weekend together - youth event

If you are aged 18-25 and see the value in taking action to impact climate change, conflict, hunger and inequality then this weekend is for you.


Organised by Tearfund, there will be meaningful conversations that help us shape our understanding of poverty, hunger and climate change, and what we can do to help. There will be discussion, teaching, workshops as well as time to chat and relax.


Banking on Climate Change - the Big Shift

We all want to save for a rainy day. But what if our savings are causing the storm?

The biggest banks in the UK, the ones that most of us rely upon to look after our money, are not using that money to look after the environment. Rather than building the better world we know is possible by supporting clean and sustainable energy, big banks are much more heavily involved in the use of dirty and dangerous fossil fuels. 


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