Monsanto on Trial: Photos and Testimony from India and Bangladesh

Farida Akhter, Bangladeshi economist and founder of one of the world’s biggest seed banks will speak about being a witness at the People’s Tribunal against Monsanto at the Hague this month. This will  also be the launch of an exhibition of photos from India and Bangladesh that the stories of farmers who are fighting Monsanto to work out an alternative, more climate friendly model of farming.

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Climate campaigners reinforce call to scrap plans to cut Air Passenger Duty

29 July 2016

Responding to the publication of responses to the Scottish Government consultation to replace Air Passenger Duty (APD) [1]  Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

“This should be the final nail in the coffin for the Scottish Government’s proposals to cut Air Passenger Duty. With a majority of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament already against the policy, now the public consultation shows a majority against the policy too.  

Climate results welcome but more action needed

Commenting on the 2014 climate figures announced today and the news that Scotland has hit its 2020 target of reducing climate change emissions by 42%, compared to 1990 levels, six years early [1], Jim Densham said on behalf of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:
"It's great news that Scotland has hit our internationally symbolic 42 per cent emissions reduction target six years early. This shows it's possible to cut emissions while building a progressive and productive society. 

‘Climate, state of emergency’ photo exhibition launch

Including talk and film screening
Join us for a special evening about climate change.
We will try to understand more about one of the biggest challenge facing the world today and which affects everyone of us and also how each of us can contribute to saving our planet, through daily actions which can be small.
6.30-7pm: Opening and presentation of the exhibition "Climate, state of emergency"
7-7.30pm: Documentary Screening of ‘Climate Voices, 7 billion others’


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