Party leaders support drive for positive climate action

The leaders of Scotland’s political parties including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon came together today to back positive action on climate change.  They took part in a media photo-call, holding a large model of the planet earth to illustrate their commitment to do everything they can to create a healthy planet for future generations.

The photo-call included First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson (Scottish Conservative), Kezia Dugdale (Scottish Labour), Patrick Harvie (Scottish Greens) and Willie Rennie (Scottish Liberal Democrats).

Monsanto on Trial: Photos and Testimony from India and Bangladesh

Farida Akhter, Bangladeshi economist and founder of one of the world’s biggest seed banks will speak about being a witness at the People’s Tribunal against Monsanto at the Hague this month. This will  also be the launch of an exhibition of photos from India and Bangladesh that the stories of farmers who are fighting Monsanto to work out an alternative, more climate friendly model of farming.

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